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Advertising In Louisville Has Changed.

In recent years, agencies have focused struggled to effectively utilize data to improve marketing effectiveness. Advertising in Louisville hasn’t progressed to accommodate this new way of advertising, Untitled exists to change that.

For over 20 years, companies have been collecting first-party data on their clients and customers. Over time, large aggregators of third-party data have also emerged as important auxiliary data sources. Tying these two together allows you to clearly define who your consumer really is and how they truly behave.

Our team focuses on creating value from this customer data, allowing your advertising in Louisville to be direct and efficient.

What Is Untitled Firm?

Louisville's Very First Data Driven Marketing

Data Driven Solutions

With Advertising in Louisville changing, Untitled brings a new approach focused solely on customer data and digital first solutions.

Data Analytics

Untitled Firm communicates what your data is telling you. By understanding your data, we ensure constant optimization of digital marketing in Louisville.

Web Optimization

Untitled optimizes your website to collect the best data on your true customers. We take an approach that exceeds just SEO and page optimization.

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The marketing industry is evolving. Platforms are changing, new technologies are be invented, data is changing marketing and conventional strategies are falling to the wayside.

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El Toro Alumni Launch New Firm

Three former employees of Louisville-based digital advertising firm El Toro have launched a data-driven marketing firm called Untitled Firm thanks, in part, to $400,000 in startup capital.

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Descriptive & Predictive Analytics

Marketers need to understand how to use analytics to drive results from ad campaigns and for their company as a whole. This post will overview descriptive and predictive analytics.

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Untitled is a link to building out marketing initiatives with first-party and third-party data sources. Our agile team fits within companies in order to help bridge understanding of their data.

Meet our team on the Untitled about page and learn our services to start advertising in Louisville.


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